Paul IV

Born: Jun 28, 1476 AD
Died: 1559 AD, at 83 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes

1476 – He was Giovanni Pietro Carafa born on the 28th day of June this year in Capriglia Irpina, Italy.


1524 - Pope Clement VII allowed Carafa to resign his benefices and join the ascetic order of Saint Cajetan, popularly called the Theatines, after Cardinal Carafa, bishop of Theate.


1527 - Following the sack of Rome in this year, the order moved to Venice. But Carafa was recalled to Rome by the reform-minded Pope Paul III (1534–49), to sit on a committee of reform of the papal court, an appointment that forecast an end to a humanist papacy, and a revival of scholasticism, for Carafa was a thorough disciple of Thomas Aquinas.


1536 - On December of this year, he was made a cardinal and then Archbishop of Naples. He reorganized the Inquisition in Italy.


1555 – His papacy began on the 23rd day of May of this year. Pius IV succeeded him.


1559 – At age 83, he died on the 18th day of August this year in Rome, Italy.

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