Parker, Bonnie Elizabeth

Born: Oct 01, 1910 AD
Died: 1934 AD, at 23 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Murderer, Thief

1910 - Born on October 1st in Rowena, Texas. Bonnie Parker was the outlaw partner of Clyde Barrow.

1926 - She married her long-time sweetheart, Roy Thornton. For the next several years, they suffered a tumultuous marriage; however, she refused to divorce him.

1929 - Bonnie worked at Marco's Cafe in Dallas until the cafe closed in November. About this time Thornton was sent to prison for a five-year sentence.

1930 - She met Barrow in January. Their romance was interrupted when Barrow was jailed a month later. During this time she wrote to him pleading with him to stay out of trouble upon his release. In early March she smuggled into his cell a pistol, which he used to escape.

         - He was recaptured in Middletown, Ohio, after a robbery and sent to Eastham Prison Farm in Crockett on April 21st.

1932 - He was released in February, more bent on destruction than before; and Bonnie was more determined than ever to prove her loyalty to him, even to the extent of assuming his manner of living.

         - Bonnie was captured in a failed robbery attempt and jailed in Kaufman, Texas.

1933 - On June 10th, Bonnie was burned after their car rolled over an embankment near Wellington, Texas, and was treated at a nearby farmhouse.

1934 - Parker and Barrow helped their buddy Raymond Hamilton escape from Eastham Farm, and a guard was killed. At this time the head of the Texas prison system and the governor hired former Texas Ranger captain Francis (Frank) Hamerqv to track down the couple.

         - In April 6th, Parker and Barrow committed their last murder by killing a constable in Commerce, Oklahoma. Afterward they were in continuous flight, with law officers in pursuit.

         - They drove into a trap near their hide-out at Black Lake, Louisiana, on May 23rd, at 9:15 A.M. and were gunned down in a barrage of 167 bullets. Bonnie Parker was found riddled with bullets, holding a machine gun, a sandwich, and a pack of cigarettes.
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