Pare, Ambroise

Born: 1510 AD
Died: 1590 AD, at 80 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Doctors, Physicians, Surgeon

1510 - Ambroise Pare, was born in Bourg-Hersent, France. He was a French surgeon, the official royal surgeon for kings Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III, is considered by some as one of the Fathers of Surgery. He was a leader in surgical techniques, especially the treatment of wounds.

1533 - 1536 - Became a military surgeon during the campaigns in Italy.

1545 - 1553 - Published the first and second editions of his treatise on the treatment of wounds by firearms and arrows, considered a milestone of surgical art.

1552 - Accepted into royal service of the Valois Dynasty under Henry II.

1561 - Published his universal anatomy of the human body. He published other scholarly treatises on the treatment of wounds and illnesses.

1572 - In August, he was called to the royal palace where the king locked him in a clothes closet with his own hand. He was Huguenot and Charles IX saved him.

1565 - Described an experiment to test the properties of the Bezoar Stone.

1590 - Died on the 20th of December in Paris, France.

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