Pachelbel, Johann

Born: Sep 01, 1653 AD
Died: 1706 AD, at 52 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Organist

1653 – He was baptized on the 1st day September this year in Nuremberg, Germany.


1673 - He moved to Vienna, where he became a deputy organist at the famous Saint Stephen Cathedral.


1677 - He moved to Eisenach, where he found employment as court organist.


1678 - He was employed as organist of the Lutheran Preacher's Church.


1690 - He was musician and organist at the Württemberg court at Stuttgart under the patronage of Duchess Magdalena Sibylla.


1699 - He published Hexachordum Apollinis (the title is a reference to Apollo's lyre), a collection of six variations sets in different keys.


1706 - He died on the 3rd day of March this year.











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