Susan Marie Olsen

Born: Aug 14, 1961 AD
Currently alive, at 54 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actresses

1961 - Born on the 14th of August.

1970 - There is speculation whether the effects were even used, or simply vanished to the porn cutting-room floor. Some also believe this legend was started in part, due to Olsen's resemblance to porn star Dorothy LeMay.

1974 - Starred in television series "The Brady Bunch".

1990 - Olsen herself stated on-camera that her "porn" connection was that she created the musical soundtrack for the video "Crocodile Blondee" as a favour for a friend who worked in the technical side of the business.

1995-1996 - She also worked as a talk show host at a Los Angeles radio station KLSX.

2007 - On the 22nd of April, Susan and her fellow cast members were honored with the TV Pop Culture Awards on the TV Land Awards. It was noted that this is the first award that the Brady Bunch has ever won.

         - She now resides in Los Angeles with her 9-year-old son Michael, her dog Trevor, and a cat, Tabitha.

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