Olivier, Laurence Kerr, Sir

Born: 1907 AD
Died: 1989 AD, at 82 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Actors, Producers

English actor, director, and producer


co-director of Old Vic Theatre Co. 1944-1949


founding director of British National Theatre 1962-1973


starred in movies "Wuthering Heights" 1939 (as Heathcliff), "Rebecca" 1940 (as Maxim de Winter), "Henry V" 1944 (as Henry V), "Hamlet" 1948 (as Hamlet), "Richard III" 1956 (as Richard III), "Spartacus" 1960 (as Marcus Licinius Crassus), "Othello" 1965 (as Othello), "Sleuth" 1972 (as Andrew Wyke)


generally considered greatest English stage actor of 20th century


2nd husband of Vivien Leigh 1940 (divorced 1960)

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