O'Connor, Thomas Power

Born: Oct 05, 1848 AD
Died: 1929 AD, at 81 years of age.

Nationality: Irish
Categories: Politician

1848 - Born on the 5th of October in Athlone, County Westmeath.

1867 - He entered journalism as a junior reporter on Saunders Newsletter, a Dublin journal.

1870 - He moved to London, and was appointed a sub-editor on the Daily Telegraph.

1880 - He was elected Member of Parliament for Galway General Election.

1885 - He married Elizabeth Paschal, a daughter of a Judge of the Supreme Court of Texas.

1887 - He was the first editor of several newspapers and journals.

1917 - He was appointed the first President of the Board of Film Cencors.

1924 - He was appointed to the Privy Council by the first Labour government.

1929 - He died on the 18th of November in London.
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