O Bradaigh, Ruairi

Born: Oct 02, 1932 AD
Currently alive, at 82 years of age.

Nationality: Irish
Categories: Politician

1932 - Born on the 2nd of October in Longford.


1950 - Educated at St Mel's College.


         - He joined Sinn Féin.


1951 - Joined the Irish Republican Army.


         - Marched with the IRA at the unveiling of the Seán Russell monument in Fairview Park, Dublin.


1954 - Studied in University College Dublin, from where he graduated with a commerce degree (BComm) and certification in the teaching of the Irish language.


          - Took a job teaching at Roscommon Vocational School, in Roscommon.


1955 - Ó Brádaigh led a ten-member IRA group in an arms raid on Hazebrouck Barracks, near Arborfield, Berkshire.


1956 - Trained the Teeling Column (one of the four armed units prepared for the Campaign) in the West of Ireland.


        - Served as second in command of the Teeling Column and on 30th of December he partook in the Teeling Column attack on Royal Ulster Constabulary barracks in Derrylin, County Fermanagh.


        - Arrested across the border in County Cavan by the Garda Síochána shortly after, tried, and jailed for six months in Mountjoy Prison.


1961-1962 - IRA chief of staff for a second time.


1962 - Authored of the statement ending the IRA's Border Campaign.


1970-1983 - He was voted chairman of the Caretaker Executive of Provisional Sinn Féin.


         - October, he became president of the party.


2003 - Ruairí Ó Brádaigh speaking at the RSF Ard FheisHe remains a vociferous opponent of the Good Friday



2005 - Handed over a portion of his personal political papers detailing discussions between Irish Republican leaders and representatives of the British Government.





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