Nimoy, Leonard Simon

Born: Mar 26, 1931 AD
Currently alive, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Director, Producers, Voice Actor

1931 - Leonard Simon Nimoy an Actor, director, producer, and writer, born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on the 26th of March.


1951 - His film work began, with Queen for a Day


1954 - he married actress Sandra Zober, whom he divorced in 1987. He had two children by her, director Adam Nimoy and Julie Nimoy



1955 - Served in the U.S. Army Reserve, receiving final discharge in November as a Sergeant.



1956-1965 Loenard guest stars in dozens of TV shows, from dramas to westerns. 



1966 - 1969 - He eventually came to be identified in the public mind with the half-Vulcan/half-human character of Spock in the Star Trek series.



1970-73 - After Star Trek's cancellation, Nimoy joined the cast of Mission: Impossible in the role of "master of disguise" Paris (he replaced the series' previous master of disguise Martin Landau, who ironically had originally been slated to play Spock).



1972 - Nimoy began racking up directorial credits. He also made his first Broadway appearance in 1973's Full Circle.



1973-1975 - perhaps inevitably, he returned to Spock, thanks to the popular demand engendered by the then-burgeoning Star Trek cult. His initial reacquaintance with the role was as voiceover artist on the 1973 Saturday-morning cartoon version of Star Trek.



1970's-1990's - Then Spock went on the back burner again as Nimoy devoted himself to his theatrical commitments (a touring production of Sherlock Holmes, his one-man show Vincent), his writing and directing activities.



1976-1982 - Voice-over and hosting chores on the long-running TV documentary series "In Search Of".



1988 - he marries actress Susan Bay. 



1979 - 1991 - He produced the third and fourth instalments, and scripted the fourth of Star Trek.



1987 - 1994 - Many other acting roles in theatre, film, and television, he has worked as a director, his films including Three Men and a Baby and Holy Matrimony.



1975 - 1995 - He has also written several books, including combinations of poetry and photography, as well as the book-pair I Am Not Spock, in which he tried to break away from his screen image, and I Am Spock, in which he accepted it



2007 - he granted an interview to Fat free film where he discussed his early career and the benefits of being type-casted.




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