Napoleon Bonaparte

Born: Aug 15, 1769 AD
Died: 1821 AD, at 51 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Emperor

1769 – He was born Napoleon Bonaparte on the 15th day of August this year in Ajaccio, Corsica.


1779 - At age nine, Napoleon was admitted to a French military school at Brienne-le-Château, a small town near Troyes.


1784 - Upon graduation from Brienne in this year, Bonaparte was admitted to the elite École Royale Militaire in Paris, where he completed the two-year course of study in only one year.


1785 – He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in La Fère artillery regiment. He took up his new duties in January 1786 at the age of 16.


1789 – He served on garrison duty in Valence and Auxonne until after the outbreak of the Revolution in this year.


1795 – He was serving in Paris when royalists and counter-revolutionaries organized an armed protest against the National Convention on 3 October. He was given command of the improvised forces defending the Convention in the Tuileries Palace.


1796 – He was romantically attached to Barras's former mistress, Josephine de Beauharnais, whom he married on the 9th of March of this year. Days after his marriage, Bonaparte took command of the French "Army of Italy", leading it on a successful invasion of Italy.


1797 – He founded a third newspaper, published in Paris, entitled Le Journal de Bonaparte et des hommes vertueux. Elections in mid-1797 gave the royalist party increased power, alarming Barras and his allies on the Directory.


1798 - He proposed a military expedition to seize Egypt, then a province of the Ottoman Empire, seeking to protect French trade interests and undermine Britain's access to India.


1799 – He became First Consul (Premier Consul) of the French Republic under the name of Napoleon I from this year until 1804.


1800 – He returned to Italy, which the Austrians had reconquered during his absence in Egypt. He and his troops crossed the Alps in spring (although he actually rode a mule, not the white charger on which David famously depicted him).


1804 – He became Emperor of the French (Empereur des Français) under the name Napoléon I (Napoléon 1er) from the 18th of May this year up to 6th of April 1814. He was crowned on the 2nd day of December of the same year.


1815 - He was the Emperor from March until on the 22nd day of June this year. He was imprisoned and then exiled by the British to the island of Saint Helena from the 15th of October of this year.


1821 – At age 51, he passed away on the 5th day of May this year in Saint Helena.

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