Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Born: 1756 AD
Died: 1791 AD, at 35 years of age.

Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Composers, Musicians, Pianists, Violinist

1756 - Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was born on January 27.  Mozart's father Leopold Mozart (1719–1787) was one of Europe's leading musical teachers.


1759 - Leopold, gave Wolfgangn intensive musical training, including instruction in clavier, violin, and organ. 


1761 - Mozart's first compositions, a small Andante (K. 1a) and Allegro (K. 1b), were written.


1762 - Mozart started to make several European journeys, beginning at the Court of the Elector of Bavaria in Munich, then in the same year at the Imperial Court in Vienna and Prague.  The tour lasted for three and a half years in places like Munich, Mannheim, Paris, London (where Wolfgang Amadeus played with the famous Italian cellist Giovanni Battista Cirri), The Hague, again to Paris, and back home via Zürich, Donaueschingen, and Munich.


1764-1765 - Johann Christian Bach befriended Wolfgang.


1769-1773 - Mozart was commissioned to compose three operas: "Mitridate Rè di Ponto" (1770), "Ascanio in Alba" (1771), and "Lucio Silla" (1772), all three of which were performed in Milan.  A legendary tale, occurred when he heard Gregorio Allegri's Miserere once in performance in the Sistine Chapel then wrote it out in its entirety from memory, only returning to correct minor errors; thus producing the first illegal copy of this closely-guarded property of the Vatican.


1782 - On August 4, he married Constanze Weber.


1791 - Mozart died at approximately 1 a.m. on December 5, in Vienna.


Some of Mozart's work: 


 Symphonies (1764-1771)



Salzburg-era Symphonies (1771-1781)


Piano Concertos



Violin Concertos




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