Livi, Ivo

Born: Oct 13, 1921 AD
Died: 1991 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Actors, Singer

1921 - The singer, who was actually christened Ivo Livi, was born in the village of Monsummano in Tuscany, Italy on October 13th. With his instantly recognisable voice, his good looks and his incredible personal charisma, Yves Montand was one of the greatest French stars the international music and film world has ever seen.

1929 - After several years living in France, the entire Livi family were awarded French citizenship.

1932 - The Livi family were living in even more straitened circumstances, after Giovanni’s broom-making business had been declared bankrupt.

         - At the age of 11, Ivo was taken out of school and sent to work in a local factory.

1935 - Lydia’s hairdressing salon was doing a roaring trade and when Ivo turned 14 he started working with his sister. Young Ivo displayed a certain talent in the salon, even passing a hairdessing exam.

1938 - Yves Montand finally appeared on stage at the music-hall he brought the house down, the audience applauding him for several minutes and shouting for an encore. That night in Marseilles a new French star was born.  

1939 - The singer gave his first major concert in Marseilles on the 21st of June, headlining at the famous Alcazar.

1941 - Montand got his singing career back up and running and this time there was to be no stopping the young singer.

1944 - Montand somehow managed to escape the clutches of the local militia who were rounding up young able-bodied men for the "S.T.O." (Service du Travail Obligatoire) and in January he headed off for Paris.

1946 - Montand suffered a setback in his personal life, when Piaf announced she was putting an end to their relationship. The singer, who was renowned for her unpredictable behaviour, never explained the reasons behind her sudden change of heart.  

1947 - After a difficult period trying to break into the cinema, Montand returned to the Théâtre de l'Etoile in where he performed a successful six-week run. It was at this point that Montand began working with a pianist called Bob Castella, who would accompany him right up until the end of his career.  

1949 - Montand was to make another encounter in Saint Paul de Vence which would change the course of his life. The young singer was invited to meet the famous French actress Simone Signoret and the couple fell head over heels in love.

1951 - Signoret moved in to live with Montand in his apartment on the Place Dauphine in Paris and they decided to get married, thereby becoming one of the most famous showbizz couples in French history.

1985 - Simone Signoret, who had been suffering from cancer for several years, died at the age of 64. Montand was greatly upset at the loss of his wife but he soon began a new relationship with his personal assistant Carole Amiel, who had been working with him.

1988 - Carole gave birth to Montand’s first child, Valentin, on the 31st of December while the actor was in the midst of shooting a new film with Claude Berri’s ("Manon des Sources", adapted from the famous novel by the French author Marcel Pagnol).

1991 - Died on November 9th in Senlis, France due to heart failure.
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