Mills, Wright

Born: Aug 27, 1916 AD
Died: 1962 AD, at 45 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Sociologist

1916 - Born on the 27th of August in Waco, Texas.

1939 - Mills graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.

1941 - Received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

1946 - He took a faculty position at Columbia University.

1948 - The New Men of Power: America's Labor Leaders studies the Labor Metaphysic and the dynamic of labor leaders cooperating with business officials.

1951 - White Collar: The American Middle Classes contends that bureaucracies have overwhelmed the individual city worker, robbing him or her of all independent thought and turning him into a sort of a robot that is oppressed but cheerful.

1956 - The Power Elite describes the relationship between the political.

1958 - The Causes of World War Three.

1959 - The Sociological Imagination  describes a mindset the sociological imagination for doing sociology that stresses being able to connect individual experiences and societal relationships.

1960 - The Revolution in Cuba.

1962 - Died on the 20th of March in Nyack, New York.

         - The Marxists.

1964 - The Society for the Study of Social Problems established the C. Wright Mills Award.

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