Schwartzerd, Philipp

Born: Feb 15, 1497 AD
Died: 1560 AD, at 63 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Religious Leaders, Social Reformer

1497 - Born on February 15th in Bretten, Palatinate (Germany). German author of the Confession of Augsburg of the Lutheran Church, humanist, Reformer, theologian, and educator.

1518 - On receiving the M.A. degree, he lectured, with conspicuous success, on the classics and soon had six books to his credit, including “Rudiments of the Greek Language”, a grammar that was to go through many editions.

         - Melanchthon accepted an invitation, relayed through Reuchlin, to become the University of Wittenberg's first professor of Greek.

1519 - He had already defended scriptural authority against Luther's opponent Johann Eck, rejected (before Luther did) transubstantiation—the doctrine that the substance of the bread and wine in the Lord's Supper is changed into the body and blood of Christ—made justification by faith the keystone of his theology, and openly broken with Reuchlin.

1520 - He found time to court Katherine Krapp, whom he married and who bore him four children—Anna, Philipp, Georg, Magdalen.

1521 - Melanchthon published the Loci communes, the first systematic treatment of evangelical doctrine.

         - At Luther's urging, Melanchthon lectured on Paul's Letter to the Romans and published the Loci communes, the first systematic treatment of evangelical doctrine.

1525-1558 - Three editions of the Loci appeared before the end of the year and 18 editions, in addition to printings of a German translation. The last edition was much enlarged and changed. Luther declared that the Loci deserved a place in the canon of Scriptures.

1560 - Died on April 19th in Wittenberg, Saxony (Germany).

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