Ulrike Marie Meinhof

Born: Oct 07, 1934 AD
Died: 1976 AD, at 41 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Journalist

1934 - Born on the 7th of October in Oldenburg, West Germany.

1936 - Her family moved to Jena when her father, art historian Dr. Werner Meinhof, became director of the city's museum.

1955 - She took her Abitur at a school in Weilburg.

       - She then studied philosophy, sociology, Pädagogik (roughly pedagogy) and Germanistik (German studies) at Marburg where she became involved with reform movements.

1957 - She moved to the Westfälischen Wilhelms University near Münster and joined the Socialist German Student Union, participating in the protests against the rearmament of the Bundeswehr and its involvement with nuclear weapons as proposed by Konrad Adenauer's government.

1958 - She spent a short time on the AStA (German: Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss or General Committee of Students) of the university and wrote articles for various student newspapers.

1959 - She joined the banned KPD (German Communist Party.

1961 - Married the co-founder and publisher of konkret, Klaus Rainer Röhl.

1962 - 1964 - Began work at the magazine konkret, serving as chief editor.

1969 - She left her job at konkret in the early part (later returning to vandalise the offices in May) and began her life as a self-styled guerilla.

1974 - She was sentenced to 8 years' imprisonment on the 29th of November.

1976 - She was found hanged by a rope, fashioned from a towel, in her cell in the Stammheim Prison on the 9th of May.

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