Taylor, Malcolm John

Born: Jun 13, 1943 AD
Currently alive, at 72 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Actors

1943 - Born on June 13th in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

1967 - His first big-screen role was in Poor Cow, although his 2-minute scene was ultimately cut from the completed film.

1968-1979 - Malcolm McDowell established himself in a series of radical films in the 1960s and 70s, including If...., Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, and Bob Guccione's porno epic Caligula.

         - McDowell made his American film debut in the romantic comedy Time After Time, as H. G. Wells chasing Jack the Ripper in a time machine and eating at a McDonald's in San Francisco.

         - Married to Margot Bennett on April 21st.

         - He began writing what would become the semi-autobiographical "O Lucky Man!".

1980 - Married to Mary Steenburgen on September 29th.

1991 - Married to Kelly Kuhr on November 12th.

1994 - He was cast as Dr. Soran, the man who killed Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations.

1997 - Was the first well-known actor to appear non-animated and in the flesh for "South Park" because he is one of Trey Parker's favorite actors and he was specifically requested.

1998 - Appeared in the remake of Fantasy Island as Mr. Roarke.

2007 - He is working with Rob Zombie on Rob's new version of Halloween. Malcolm will play Dr. Loomis.

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