Franz Marc

Born: Feb 08, 1880 AD
Died: 1916 AD, at 36 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Authors

1880 - Born on the 8th of February in Munich.


1900 - Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.


1903 - He spent time in Paris and discovered a strong affinity for the work of Vincent van Gogh.


1907 - He revisited Paris, where the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh made a deep impression on him.


1909 - Together with Wassily Kandinsky, Marc prepared the almanac Der blaue Reiter.


1910 - He discovered the great possibilities of color as a means of expression through August Macke, who was fascinated by the Fauves.


         - He developed an important friendship with the artist August Macke.


1911 - He formed the Der Blaue Reiter artist circle with Macke, Wassily Kandinsky, and other artists who decided to split off from the Neue Künstlervereinigung movement.


         - He showed several of his works in the first Der Blaue Reiter exhibition at the Thannhauser Gallery in Munich between December and January.


1912 - He met Robert Delaunay, whose use of color and futurism was the next major influence on Marc's work. Marc began becoming increasingly influenced by futurism and cubism, and his art became increasingly stark and abstract in nature.


1916 - On the 4th of March, he was killed by a grenade explosion while riding a horse on patrol in the Battle of Verdun.

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