Yeary, Harvey Lee II

Born: Apr 23, 1940 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors



1939 – He was Harvey Lee Yeary on the 23rd day of April in the Detroit suburb of Wyandotte, Michigan. Both of his parents died in a car accident.


1941 – At the age of 2, he was adopted by his uncle and aunt, Harvey & Mildred Yeary, and moved with them to Middlesboro, Kentucky. He excelled in sports: while enrolled at Middlesboro High School, he participated in as many sports as he could, from track to football. He was also the big star of his class


1957 – He graduated this year, and earned a scholarship to Indiana University, competing in more sports.


1959 – He left Indiana University and transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky after he got into a fight at a fraternity house.


1962 – He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in both History and Physical Education, which gave him an option of becoming a teacher.


1964 – He chose to move his family to Los Angeles, California, where he got a job at the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department as the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park. It was there that Majors met many familiar actors and industry professionals, including Dick Clayton, who was the late James Dean's agent.


1970 – He joined the cast of The Virginian for the last season, and also signed a long-term contract with Universal.


1973 – He starred as Colonel Steve Austin, an ex-astronaut and test pilot with bionic limbs in the telemovie, The Six Million Dollar Man on ABC.


1974 – It turns into a weekly series early this year.


1975 – He also made his directorial debut in this year, on an episode in which Fawcett appeared. After his role as Steve Austin, Majors tried to start a feature-film career. He starred in many films.


1982 – As he was about to abandon the film industry, Majors decided to go back to television for the fourth time, and starred in The Fall Guy this year and lasted in 1986, after five seasons.


1987 – Between this until 1994, he and Lindsay Wagner starred in three The Six Million Dollar Man/The Bionic Woman movies.


1989 – He moved to CBS, and the following year had a recurring role in Tour of Duty, and a regular role in 1992’s, short-lived series, Raven.


1995 – He made an appearance on an episode of Lonesome Dove.


2002 – On the 1st day of November this year, he married Faith Noelle and currently lived with her as partners in life.


2003 – His acting career was put on hold when he had double surgeries. He had a knee replacement, followed by a single heart bypass surgery, both of which were successful. 























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