Madl, Ferenc

Born: Jan 29, 1931 AD
Currently alive, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Presidents

1931 - Born on the 29th of January in the Veszprem County, Hungary.

1956 - He worked as a legal clerk and then as court secretary in Hungary court.

1961 - He studied at the faculty of International Comparative lLaw of the University of Strasbourg in France.

1971 - He worked as political and legal rapporteur at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Central Office,and later he was promoted as a head
           of department.

1972 - He was on the staff of the Hungarian Academy's Institute of Politics and Law.

1964 - He was awarded an academic degree as candidate of politics and law.

1984 - He became secretary of the Scientific Qualifying Committee.

1985 - He became a member of the Harvard Academy of International Commercial Law.

         - He became director of the Faculty of Private International Law of the Budapest University of Sciences.

1987 - He was elected a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

1988 - He became member of the steering committee of the Rome international institute "UNIDROIT" (a

             International Institute for the Unification of Private Law).

1990 - He was appointed chairman of the government's Science Policy Committee.

1992 - He headed the Human Resources Policy Cabinet of Hungary.

1993 - He became minister for culture and education in Hungary.

1994 - He was appointed chair of the National Cultural Fund.

1996 - He became the chairman of the Hungarian Civil Cooperation Association.

2000 - He was elected as a President of the Republic of Hungary.

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