Livingstone, Ken Robert

Born: Jun 16, 1945 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Mayors, Political Leader, Politician

1945 - Ken Robert Livingstone, born in London on the 17th of June. He is an English politician who became Mayor of London.

1971 -  Elected a member of Lambeth Council.

1973 - 1986 - Member of the Greater London Council (GLC).

1973 - He worked as a laboratory technician before training as a teacher.

1974 - 1986 - He was also a member of the regional executive of the Greater London Labour Party.

1978 - 1982 - Member of Camden.

1981 - He was elected leader of the GLC and fought a long battle to prevent its abolition by Magaret Thatcher.

1987 - 1989 - He was a member of its national executive committee.

1987 - Following the GLC's demise, he became Labour MP for Brent East.

2000 - He was an unsuccessful Labour candidate for the newly established position of Mayor of London, but nonetheless stood as an independent and was elected.

2004 - He was subsequently expelled from the Labour Party for five years, but readmitted in January.

       - He was re-elected as Mayor of London.

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