Lippmann, Walter

Born: Dec 23, 1889 AD
Died: 1974 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Journalist, Writers

1889 - Walter Lippmann, born on the 23rd of September in New York City. He was an influential American writer, journalist, and political commentator.

1906 - At age 17, he entered Harvard University where he studied under George Santayana, William James, and Graham Wallas.

1909 - Received a BA, at Harvard University.

1913 - He, Herbert Croly, and Walter Weyl became the founding editors of The New Republic magazine.

1920 - He and Charles Merz, in a study entitled A Test of the News, stated that The New York Times' coverage of the Bolshevik revolution was biased and inaccurate.

1922 - In Public Opinion, he noted that the stability the government achieved during the patronage era of the was threatened by modern realities.

1946 - Following the removal from office of Henry A. Wallace in September, he became the leading public advocate of the need to respect a Soviet sphere of influence in Europe, in juxtaposition to the containment strategy being advocated at the time by people like George F. Kennan.

1974 - Died on the 14th of December in New York City.

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