Leif Ericsson

Born: 970 AD
Died: 1020 AD, at 50 years of age.

Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: Adventurers, Explorer

970 - Leif was born in Iceland, The son of Eric The Red. Hence Eric-son.



998 - He also went to Norway to serve the King of Norway, Olaf Tryggvason.



1000 - Leif Ericson converted to Christianity, like many Norse of that time.    



      - He went to was covered with flat and shiny rocks. They also seen North America and Canada.



1001 - Leif and his crew left Markland and found land again, they landed and built some houses



        -Leif Erikson had two brothers, Thorvald and Thorsteinn, and one sister, Freydís. Leif married a woman named Thorgunna, and they had one son, Thorkell Leifsson.




1002-1003 - On the return voyage, Leif rescued an Icelandic castaway named Þórir and his crew an incident that earned Leif the nickname Leif the Lucky.



1020 - Lief died.




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