Jesse Lee

Born: 1758 AD
Died: 1816 AD, at 58 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Clergymen

1758 - born in Prince George's County

1783 - A preacher.

1789 - He visited New England and established Methodism from the Connecticut River to the farthest settlement in Maine.

1787 - He formed the first Methodist class in New England, at Stratford, Conn.on the 26th of  September.

1789 - His labors as an itinerant preacher over a wide area met with signal success.

1792 - On the 13th of  July, his pioneer work in New England was often called the Apostle of Methodism.

         - He was a friend and assistant of Francis Asbury.

1800 - He lacked only one vote of being elected Bishop by the General Conference.

1805 - He wrote A Short Account of the Life and Death of the Rev. John Lee.

1807 -  History of Methodism in America.

1816 -  The year  Jesse Lee died.

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