Lec, Stanislaw Jerzy

Born: Mar 06, 1909 AD
Died: 1966 AD, at 57 years of age.

Nationality: Polish
Categories: Poets, Writers

1909 - Born on March 6th. Polish aphorist, poet, and satirist.

1957 - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec was noted for his skeptical philosophical aphorisms in Mysli nieuczesane (published in series; Unkempt Thoughts).

1964 - He wrote Barwy, Spacer cynika, Notatnik polowy, Nowe wiersze, Unkempt Thoughts, Do Abla i Kaina, List gonczy, More Unkempt Thoughts, Poema gotowe do skoku and Fraszkobranie.

1966 - Died on May 7th in Warsaw.
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