Larbaud, Valery

Born: Jul 29, 1881 AD
Died: 1957 AD, at 75 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Journalist

1881 - Born on the 29th of August in Vichy.

1908 - Poèmes par un riche amateur, published, received Octave Mirbeau's vote for Prix Goncourt.

1924-1929 - He helped translate and popularise Samuel Butler, as well as James Joyce whose Ulysses was translated by Auguste Morel under Larbaud's supervision.

1935 - An attack of hemiplegia and aphasia left him paralysed.

1952 - Despite his illness, he continued to receive many honorary titles, and he was awarded the Prix National des Lettres.

1957 - Died on the 2nd of February in Vichy.

         - The Prix Littéraire Valery Larbaud was created by L'Association Internationale des Amis de Valery Larbaud, a group created to promote the author's work.
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