Kellogg, John Harvey

Born: Feb 26, 1852 AD
Died: 1943 AD, at 91 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Doctors, Physicians

1852 - Born on February 26th in Tyrone, Michigan to John Preston Kellogg and Anne Jeanette Stanley.

1875 - The Whites recognized the potential of the teen-ager and helped finance John Harvey Kellogg's medical studies at the Bellevue Medical College in New York City. Upon graduation, the young doctor Kellogg returned to Battle Creek and became medical superintendent of the Institute.

1879 - Married to Ella Ervilla Eaton on February 22nd.

1891 - John Kellogg was the first to promote the medical use of a battery of Edison electric lamps as a form of light therapy.

1897 - He invented grain cereal flakes and peanut butter (patented as "nutmeal") independently of George Washington Carver.

1906 - He founded the Race Betterment Foundation.

1942 - Dr. Kellogg moved his treatment center to the Fieldstone Annex building up the street.

1943 - John Harvey Kellogg died on December 14th, at the age of 91, still active as a physician and administrator.
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