John Paul Jones

Born: Jul 06, 1747 AD
Died: 1792 AD, at 45 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Military Officer

1747 - Arbigland, Kirkbean was born on the 6th of July in Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

1775 - He was the first man to be assigned to the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Continental Navy on the 22nd of December, on board the Alfred.

1776 - His first assignment was aboard the frigate USS Alfred (30 guns, 300 men) sailing from the Delaware River in February 1776 to attack British merchant vessels in New Providence.

1776 - He participated in the unsuccessful attack on the island of New Providence, and as commander first of the "Providence" and then of the "Alfred" he cruised between Bermuda and Nova Scotia, inflicting much damage on British shipping and fisheries.

1777 - On the 1st of November, he sailed in the sloop-of-war "Ranger" for France with despatches for the American commissioners, announcing the surrender of Burgoyne and asking that Jones should be supplied with a swift frigate for harassing the coasts of England.

1778 - He sailed from Brest in the "Ranger" on the 10th of April.

1783 - In November, he was sent to Paris as agent for the prizes captured in European waters under his own command, and although he gave much attention to social affairs and engaged in several private business enterprises, he was very successful in collecting the prize money.

1787 - He returned to America and received a gold medal from Congress in recognition of his services.

1788 - He entered the service of the empress Catherine of Russia, avowing his intention, however, "to preserve the condition of an American citizen and officer.

1790 - In May, he arrived in Paris, where he remained in retirement during the rest of his life, although he made several efforts to re-enter the Russian service.

1792 - He was attended by the queen's physician, he died on the 18th of July. His body was interred in the St. Louis cemetery for foreign Protestants, the funeral expenses being paid from the private purse of Pierrot Francois Simmoneau, the king's commissary.

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