John V

Born: Dec 22, 1689 AD
Died: 1750 AD, at 60 years of age.

Nationality: Syrian
Categories: Political Leader

1689 – He was born on the 22nd day of October this year in Lisbon.


1703 – He succeeded at quite a young age, only 17. One of his first kingly acts was to intimate his adherence to the Grand Alliance.


1713 – The series of unsuccessful campaigns that ensued, ultimately terminated in a favorable peace with France this year and with Spain in 1715


1708 - He married his cousin Mary Anne of Austria , daughter of Leopold I, thus strengthening the alliance with Austria.


1748 - His negotiations with the Vatican gained the recognition of Portugal as a lawful sovereign country by Pope Benedict XIV  and the title "Most Faithful King" bestowed upon him and his successors by a bull.


1750 – He died in Lisbon, and he was succeeded by his son named Prince Joseph.











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