James, Alexander Franklin

Born: Jan 10, 1843 AD
Died: 1915 AD, at 72 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Felon

1843 - Alexander Franklin James born on the 10th of January in Clay County,  Missouri. He was an American outlaw and older brother of Jesse James, riding with the  James-Younger Gang gang on most of their robberies.

1861  -He turned eighteen years old, his life was permanently altered by the outbreak of the American Civil War. Missouri, where he and his family lived, was soon caught up in the war.

1863 - Slave owners, the family supported the Confederate cause during the  Civil War and when William Quantrill established a band of guerilla fighters, both he and  Jesse joined him. He was with  Quantrill's Raiders on the 21st of August when they ransacked and burned the town of  Lawrence,  Kansas, killing 150 people.
1868 - 1876 - During his years as a bandit, Frank was involved in at least four shootouts, resulting in the deaths of four bank employees or citizens. The most famous incident was the disastrous Northfield, Minnesota raid on the 7th of September, that ended with the death or capture of most of the gang.

1882 - He and Jesse began their rampage of thievery and murder. After Jesse was killed, he surrendered to authorities. He was tried and acquitted by a sympathetic Missouri jury.
1915 - The last thirty years of Frank James' life saw him not as an illustrious outlaw but as a farmer, shoe salesman, race track starter, and directed a Wild West show.

       - He died quietly on the 18th of February and is buried at Hill Park Cemetery in Independence, Missouri.
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