Jacopo della Quercia

Born: 1374? AD
Died: 1438 AD.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Sculptor

1374 - Born in Siena, Italy. Influential early Renaissance sculptor.

1394 - He made an equestrian statue of Gian Tedesco.

1402 - He was one of six artists who submitted designs for the great gates of the baptistery, in which competition Lorenzo Ghiberti was the victor.

1406 - He executed one of his finest works, the monument of Ilaria del Caretto, wife of Paolo Guinigi.

1409 - He was engaged in negotiations which resulted in his acceptance of the commission for the famous Fonte Gaia, at Siena.

1425 - He returned to Siena, and in March undertook the contract for the doors of S. Petronio, Bologna.

1430 - He finished the great font of S. Giovanni at Siena, contributing himself only one of the bas-reliefs, "Zacharias in the Temple", the others being by Ghiberti, Donatello and other sculptors.

1438 - Died on October 20th in Bologna, Italy.
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