Huxley, Thomas Henry

Born: May 24, 1825 AD
Died: 1895 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Biologists

1825 - Born on May 24th in Ealing, London, England.

1846 - A surgeon on HMS Rattlesnakeat the Royal Navy.

1855 - Married to Henriett Heathorn.

1856 - Was a professor in the University of London.

1875 - Was a professor in the University of Edinbugh.

1879 - Was an administrator at Eton College.

         - Recipient of Royal Medal, Wollaston Medal, Copley Medal, Linnean Medal and Darwin Medal.

1883 - Appointed president of Royal Society.

1895 - Died on June 29th in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.
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