Hunter, John

Born: Feb 13, 1728 AD
Died: 1793 AD, at 65 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Doctors, Scientist, Surgeon

1728 – He was born this year at Long Calder wood near East Kilbride, the youngest of 10 children. Three of these children had died of illness before John Hunter was born.


1748 – He studied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital under Percival Pott. He taught and practiced in London.


1760 – He was commissioned as an Army surgeon in this year. He spent three years in France and Portugal.


1771 – He married Anne Home, daughter of Robert Boyne Home


1776 – He was appointed surgeon to King George III


1768 – He was appointed as surgeon to St. George's Hospital. Later he became a member of the Company of Surgeons.


1786 - He was appointed deputy surgeon to the British Army.


1789 – He was made Surgeon General.


1793 – He died this year.


1799 – The government purchased Hunter's collection of papers and specimens, which it presented to the Company of Surgeons.















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