Hu Hóngxing

Born: Dec 17, 1891 AD
Died: 1962 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Diplomat, Scholars

1891 - Born on December 17th in Shanghai. Chinese-Taiwanese anti-Communist, philosopher, reformer, and scholar.

1914 - Hu came to Columbia after graduating from Cornell.

1917 - Hu earned a doctorate in philosophy and remained close to his mentor over the years.

1919 - When Dewey visited China in April for a two-year lecture tour of 11 provinces, Hu served as his principal translator.

1938 - Hu's international stature was enhanced by his frequent presence in the United States, particularly his high-profile tenure as Chinese ambassador.

1939 - Hu returned periodically to Columbia to teach and lecture, and assisted in the drive to increase the membership of the Alumni Federation.

1946 - Hu became chancellor of Beijing University, but after the communist revolution in China two years later relocated to Taiwan, where he eventually would lead the Academia Sinica, a leading research institute.

1960 - He gave Columbia's East Asian Library a 25-volume set of his Chinese writings.

1962 - Died on February 24th.
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