Hernu, Charles

Born: Jul 03, 1923 AD
Died: 1990 AD, at 66 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Politician

1923 - Born on the 3rd of July in Quimper.

1953 - He created the “Club of the Jacobins”, near to the radical left and which supported Pierre Mendès France.

1956 - On the 2nd of January, he was elected to the French Parliament from the 6th sector of the Seine on the Republican Front ticket.

1962 - He took part in the founding of the PSU and allied with François Mitterrand.

1970 - He joined the Socialist Party and became the party's specialist on defense affairs, military and nuclear questions.

1974 - In April, he formed the “Coran”, or convention of the reserve officers for the new army, which amalgamated with the Commission of the defense of the PS.

1977 - In March, he was elected mayor of Villeurbanne, which became an appointive position the following year.

1981 - In May, he became Minister for Defense after the victory of François Mitterrand in the presidential election.

1985 - On the 10th of July, the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior was dynamited in the port of Auckland, New Zealand by agents of the DGSE.

1990 - Died on the 17th of January.
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