Henning, Paul

Born: Sep 16, 1911 AD
Died: 2005 AD, at 93 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Producers, Writers

1911 - Born on September 16th in Independence, Missouri.

1939 - Married to Ruth Henning.

         - Henning made the move to glittering Hollywood, where he signed on to the legendary William Morris Agency agent, George Grusin. His first Hollywood gig was as a writer for The Joe E. Brown Show.

1942 - The legendary George Burns asked him onto his writers' staff. Burns and Henning formed a life-long friendship, and traveled, working, all over North America and The Continent.

1950 - Henning began working in Hollywood as a writer for the excellent George Burns and Gracie Allen Show.

1961 - He also wrote the script for one of the best early Andy Griffith Show episodes ("Crime-Free Mayberry") and the screenplays for two feature film satirical comedies: Lover Come Back and Bedtime Story.

1962 - He created television series "The Beverly Hillbillies".

2005 - Died on March 25th in Burbank, California.
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