Hasek, Jaroslav

Born: Apr 30, 1883 AD
Died: 1923 AD, at 39 years of age.

Nationality: Czech
Categories: Humorist, Satirists

1883 - Hasek was born in Prague on April 30, 1883.


1896 - At the age of thirteen, his father died.


1898 - Addicted to drugs at the age of fifteen.


1903 - Graduated from business school. He worked as a bank officer but preferred the liberated profession of a writer and journalist.


1906 - Joined the anarchist movement and he gave regular lectures to groups of proletarian workers.


1907 - Due to his dedication he became the editor of the anarchist journal Komuna. He met Jarmilla Mayerova however her parents does not approved of Hasek's lifestyle.


1909 - Published sixty-four short stories, and was named as the editor of the journal The Animal World.


1910 - Married Jarmilla Mayerova but their marriage was not successful.


1912 - Published the book The Good soldier Svejk and other strange stories.


1913 - Jarmilla leave Hasek after she caught him faking his own death.


1914 - Joined the army at the outbreak of World War I.


1915 - Hasek was captured by the Russians, at the prisoner's camp he was assigned as the secretary to the camp commander.


1923 - Died in Lipnice on January 3, 1923 because of tuberculosis. Hasek is buried at the Lipnice Old Cemetery.

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