Dempsey, Henry Maxwell

Born: Mar 12, 1925 AD
Currently alive, at 90 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Writers

1925 - Born on March 12th in Stamford, Connecticut. American science fiction author. Noted for such series as Deathworld, The Stainless Steel Rat and Bill, the Galactic Hero.

1938 - Wrote his first sci-fi fan letter and, later, he founded the Queens chapter of the Science Fiction League.

1944 - Harrison was sent to the Air Corps base in Laredo, Texas, where gunners were trained to fire computer-targeted fifty-calibre machine guns.

1954 - Married to dress designer and ballet dancer, Joan Merkler on June.

1957 - Harrison had published his seventh short story.

1966 - Wrote the Deathworld trilogy, story "Make Room! Make Room!" (source of movie "Soylent Green").

1975 - Harrison and his wife moved to the Republic of Ireland where they continue to reside.

1996 - He wrote Stainless Steel Rat series-- including the novels "The Stainless Steel Rat", "The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge", "The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World", "The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You!", "The Stainless Steel Rat For President", "The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted", "The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues", "The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell".

2004 - Was inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in Lawrence, Kansas.

         - He was awarded the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science Fiction and Fantasy by the Comic-Con International in San Diego.
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