Harris, Judith

Born: Feb 10, 1938 AD
Currently alive, at 77 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Psychologists

1938 - Born on the 10th of February.

1959 - She graduated magna cum laude from Brandeis and was awarded the Lila Pearlman Prize in psychology

1961 - She received a master's degree in psychology from Harvard University.

1961 - Harris has been married since to Charles S. Harris.

1961 - Harris worked as a teaching assistant in psychology at MIT.

1962 - A research assistant at Bolt Beranek and Newman.

1963-1965 - The University of Pennsylvania.

1977 - Harris has suffered from a chronic autoimmune disorder that has been diagnosed as a combination of lupus and systemic sclerosis.

1994 - Harris had begun work on a new development textbook, without a co-author this time, when she had an idea that led her to formulate a new theory of child development.

1995 - She abandoned the textbook and instead wrote an article for the Psychological Review. Work on The Nurture Assumption began.

1998 - She received the George A. Miller Award from the American Psychological Association for her article entitled "Where Is the Child's Environment? A Group Socialization Theory of Development"
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