Harding, Stephen

Born: 1048? AD
Died: 1134? AD.

Nationality: French
Categories: Saint

1048 - Stephen Harding was born in Dorset.

1108 - At Citeaux, Saint Robert was initially abbot. However, Robert returned to Molesme after a year, and Alberic took over.

1112 - Bernard of Clairvaux came to visit and brought with him his followers.

         - A dozen new Cistercian houses were founded to contain the monks coming to the new, austere, reformed monastic movement.

1119 - Stephen wrote up the Charta of Charity, which is a defining document in the Cistercian Order and establishes its unifying principles.

1027 - He eventually moved to the abbey of Molesme in Burgundy, under the abbot Saint Robert of Molesme.

1133 - He resigned the head of the order, due to his age and increasing blindness.

1134 - Died on the 28th of March.

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