Khajé Shams-ed-Din Mohammad

Born: 1321 AD
Died: 1390 AD, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: Persian
Categories: Poets

1321 - Born on Shiraz, Fars, Iran. Shams-ud-din Mahommed Hafez, better known by his takhallus (nom de plume) of Hafiz, was one of the most celebrated writers of Persian lyrical poetry.

1341 - In pursuit of reaching his beloved, Hafiz kept a forty day and night vigil at the tomb of Baba Kuhi. After successfully attaining this, he met Attar and became his disciple.

1353 - Became a poet of the court of Abu Ishak. Gained much fame and influence in Shiraz. This was the phase of "Spiritual Romanticism" in his poetry.

         - Mubariz Muzaffar captured Shiraz, and among his various deeds, he ousted Hafiz from his position of teacher of Koranic studies at the college. At this time he wrote protest poems.

1359 - Shah Shuja took his tyrant father as prisoner, and re-instated Hafiz as a teacher at the college. He began his phase of subtle spirituality in his poetry.

1369 - Hafiz fled Shiraz for his safety, and went into self-imposed exile in Isfahan. His poems mainly talk of his longing for Shiraz, for Shakh-e Nabat, and for his spiritual Master, Attar.

1373 - By invitation of Shah Shuja, he ended his exile and returned to Shiraz. He was re-instated to his post at the College.

1381 - Longing to be united with his Creator, he began a forty day and night vigil by sitting in a circle that he had drawn himself.

         - On the morn of the fortieth day of his vigil, which was also on the fortieth anniversary of meeting his Master Attar, he went to his Master, and upon drinking a cup of wine that Attar gave him, he attained Cosmic Consciousness or God-Realization.

1390 - Died on Shiraz, Fars, Iran at he age of 69 when he died, he composed more than half of his ghazals., and continued to teach his small circle of disciples. His poetry at this time, talk with the authority of a Master who is united with God.
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