HRH John Robert Layton

Born: Jan 12, 1960 AD
Currently alive, at 54 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Duke, Earl, Prince

Prince John is Heir General as Titular King of England and Scotland to the Catholic Throne of King James II and VII of England and Scotland as the King's 8th great grandson in the Male line(Main Branch). 


The Prince's DNA has been tested on several occasions and has been concluded that he has over 600 markers for Charlemagne. No other person in the world is known to have even 100 markers for Charlemagne. The 600 plus markers for Charlemagne all stem from his 3 eldest sons, the kings of France, Germany and Italy.


Born January 12, 1960 In Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii to Prince Michael of Rohan(Layton) and Princess Carol Ann (Dunn).


From 1963- 1979 raised in Rosemead, California and attended Fern St. Elementary school, attended and graduated from Mark Keppel High School.


from 1979-1994 served military service.


from 1995-2000 attended and graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a BS in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. 


from 2000-2007 worked in the computer field.


from 2007-present owns his own publishing firm.


Although higher born Royal Princes of England, Scotland and France(Rohan is a French Royal line) than the Current "Royal Family(members of an ineligible Cadet Branch)", this family has been in forced exile since 1688 in France and in America since 1827, as working class citizens with all male Princes of each generation having served military duty.


In 1825 the last known Heir, the Count of Roehanstart, Charles Edward Stuart Rohan, married Louisa Constance Smith of London and they honeymooned in America where she had relatives. During their trip a daughter was born, Princess Caroline Adelaide Rohan in Georgia(she appears in the 1870 GA census as Caroline Adelaide Smith). According to family history the Countess Louisa died a few days after giving birth, the baby was left in America with Smith family relatives and the Count returned to Europe where he died in Scotland in 1854.


The Count had keep journals and diaries his whole life being knowledgeable in the fact that he was the only living male heir to the throne of James II and VII(he did have 2 sisters). These journals were taken upon the Count's death and placed in the Royal family vaults at Windsor Castle to be hidden from the world. The very next day, Queen Victoria named her 4th son, Duke of Albany, as it was believed that the Count was the last known claimant to the Dukedom of Albany.


1854- it seemed Queen Victoria had a double dislike for the Count as he narrowly ascended the throne instead of her, restoring the Stuart Family to its rightful place as monarchs once again. Although the Queen had been on the throne since 1837 she wasn't originally going to be queen. As Kings not only of Great Britain but also the Ruling Princes of Hanover in Germany.


Hanoverian law DID NOT allow a woman to ascended the throne and she was too far from the throne as the daughter of the deceased Duke of Kent, 4th son of King George III, for both these reasons she wasn't truly in line to the throne, in the correct(legal)sense. The Count Roehanstart was known to be proven as the only and legitimate heir of King James II and VII, so the Count, a Catholic was asked to renounced he catholic church in favor of Church of England and he would be made King of Great Britain, being true and faithful he refused to do so just as King James II and VII had done nearly 140 Years earlier and so Victoria became Queen instead upon the death of Her Uncle King William IV in 1837.


1603- James VI of Scotland is named King James I and VI of England and Scotland upon the death of Queen Elizabeth I, returning a catholic King to the throne since King Henry VIII had abolished the Catholic Church in 1531 to divorce his wife of 23 years Queen Catherine so that he could marry Ann Boleyn in the hopes that she would bear him a son to rule after Henry's death.


1625- James I and VI is succeeded by his son and heir, Charles I


1649- Charles was a demanding and unbending King and his parliament puts him on trial and beheads him for treason for his Catholic belief in the 'Divine Right of Kings'.


1660-Charles II is returned to the throne after Exile in France. Although still Catholic the Entire Royal family behaved as if it had reformed to the Church of England.


1667-an illegitimate child is born to James and his mistress, Arabella Churchill who is the 8th great grandmother of Princess Diana, also making her an illegitimate heir, but still an 8th great granddaughter of King James II and VII. So other than the fact that I descend as a legitimate heir, those in the Churchill and Spenser lines are not, yet they are legitimate in their own lines as nobles.


1671- James II and VII already had 2 daughters by his first wife, Anne Hyde who died in 1671.


 1673- He married Mary of Modena (a catholic) and in 1688 they had a son, Prince of Wales, James Francis Stuart. Although several years had past since the marriage and the birth of their son, King James had many mistresses he kept during those years. One such mistress he had 1688- In December of that same year James had some issues with Parliament and attempted to put through an act giving religious freedom throughout England and Scotland to Catholics as well as other denominations referring to Jews. In the event that King James should die being 55 at the time, in fact King James died 13 years later which would have left Prince James Francis on the throne as a young teen of 14 with his catholic mother to influence his decisions, parliament broke the ancient unbroken line of Kings of the law of Male-Preference Primogeniture to place only Protestant Kings on the Throne from now on. King James was deposed and chased out of England with his wife and his son and true heir, James Francis, the Prince of Wales to France.


1685-Prince James, Duke of York becomes King upon his Brother's Death who died without legitimate heirs, Charles II had many children but none by his wife and queen, so none of this heir could be king, by law(in the catholic religion an heir had to be born of a married consort). Today one cannot be king in England if Catholic or married to one even though the rest of the catholic church was dissolved in England). By claiming and 'labeling'  the living heirs of King James II and VII as  illegitimate is how the German Hanoverians and Windsors(name changed to distance themselves from Germany in WWI) have managed to keep the throne for the last 300 years.


1701 Parliament enacts the 'Act of Settlement' That only Protestant heirs of Sophia of Hanover, King James I and VI's granddaughter, and not the true heirs of King Charles I, King James I and VI's son, could ascend the throne. This would place King James II and VII's 2nd cousin once removed, on the throne as King George I in 1714 instead of the 24 year old Prince of Wales, James Francis. As Prince of Wales, James Francis was the first heir in line to his father's throne, King George I was the 45th heir on the day he ascended the throne. Under the laws at the time, A king could only abdicate he could not be deposed so the Deposition of King James was illegal; replacing the proper monarch with a lesser heir was also illegal and the penalty was death as in the case of Lady Jane Grey instead of King James I and VI, sadly she was merely a victim of her relatives who tried to place her at the wishes of Queen Elizabeth I, who wanted her placed in violation of the law on succession.


There are a number of books about Prince John and His family.


you will find factual information and charts carried on


I recommend the current book "British Royalty Living in America Today: Prince John of Rohan" 383 pages with over 200 direct lineage charts from Charlemagne to Prince John. (short link to Amazon) 


I also recommend "From Charlemagne to Prince John: The Greatest Royal Lineage in Human History; The Heirs of King James II & VII" 342 pages of proof, genealogy charts and pictures.


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