Guest, Christopher Haden

Born: Feb 05, 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 67 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Director

1948 - Christopher Haden-Guest was born February 5th in New York City to an American mother and a British father, Peter Haden-Guest, the fourth Baron of Saling in the County of Essex. American-born actor, director, writer, musician, and composer best known for his hilarious mockumentaries, poking fun at heavy metal music, small town theater, dog shows and folk music.

1974-1982 - He received his dramatic arts training at New York City's High School of Arts and Music and at Bard College, and Guest first appeared in minor film roles in a mixture of film genres including "The Hot Rock", "Death Wish", "Lemmings", and "The Long Riders".

         - He was also dabbling in writing for several TV shows, and when filming "Million Dollar Infield".

1984 - Guest is married to well-known actress Jamie Lee Curtis on December 18th, with two children, Anne and Thomas.

         - Guest then busied himself for several years as a regular guest on "Saturday Night Live" and, along with fellow Spinal Tap band members lead singer David St. Hubbins, aka Michael McKean; and bassist Derek Smalls, aka Harry Shearer, they regularly appeared as Spinal Tap.

         - Guest became acquainted with writer-director Rob Reiner and the two collaborated, along with Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, to pen the script and music for the sleeper hit "This Is Spinal Tap".

1992 - They released "Spinal Tap: Break Like the Wind - The Videos", plus "A Spinal Tap Reunion: The 25th Anniversary London Sell-Out"(TV).

         - Guest had a minor acting role in the courtroom drama of "A Few Good Men".

1996 - He was chosen to endorse IBM.

         - Poke fun at wannabe actors in the howlingly funny "Waiting for Guffman" with Guest taking center stage as high-strung choreographer Corky St. Clair.

1998-2000 - He made a return to heavy metal with "Spinal Tap: The Final Tour" and "Catching Up with Marty DiBergi" before turning his comedic pen to the world of championship dog shows for the sensational comedy "Best in Show".

2003 - Guest and Eugene Levy took aim at the folk-music world, and successfully collaborated to write the comedy "A Mighty Wind" about the reunion of the Folksmen, a fictional 1960s folk music group.

2005 - Announced his intention to stop making mockumentary films, because he doesn't find them funny anymore.

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