Gray, Henry

Born: 1827 AD
Died: 1861 AD, at 34 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Anatomist, Doctors, Mistress, Scientist, Surgeon

1827 - Henry Gray was born this year. He was an English anatomist and surgeon.

1845 - On the 6th of May, he entered as a perpetual student at St. George’s Hospital, London, and he is described by those who knew him as a most painstaking and methodical worker, and one who learnt his anatomy by the slow but invaluable method of making dissections for himself.

1853 - He studied the development of the endocrine glands and spleen and was appointed Lecturer on Anatomy at St. George's Hospital Medical School in London.

1855 - He approached his colleague Dr Henry Vandyke Carter with his idea to produce an anatomy text book for medical students.

1858 - The book was first published under the title Gray's Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical in Great Britain.

1860 - The book's British author died after the publication of the second edition, at the age of 34, but his much-praised book was continued by others.

1861 - He died young, just 3 years after the publication of his "Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical" which generations of medical students have renamed "Gray's Anatomy".

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