Genghis Khan

Born: 1162? AD
Died: 1227 AD.

Nationality: Mongolian
Categories: Emperor

Born in Hentiy, Mongolia. It was believed that he was born around 1162 to 1167.


1189 - 1209 - Chief of the Qiyat clan.


1206 - He founded the Mongol Empire.


         - Temüjin organized his people and his state to prepare for war with Western Xia.


1209 - The Tangut emperor acknowledged Genghis as overlord.


1211 - Genghis was preparing to conquer the Nüzhen (the founders of the Qin Dynasty) completely under his dominion.


1215 - he defeat and conquered the Jin Dynasty.


1218 - The Mongol Empire extended to the west up to Lake Balkhash.


1227 - On August 18th, during his last campaign with the Western Xia Empire of the Tanguts, he died.

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