Geddes, Andrew

Born: Apr 05, 1783 AD
Died: 1844 AD, at 61 years of age.

Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Painters

1783 - Born on the 5th of April in Edinburgh.

1806 - He travelled to London to study at the Royal Academy and, in the same year, exhibited his first painting 'St. John in the Wilderness'.

1810 - Geddes felt that he could not afford, financially or professionally, to complete a full ten-year course of studies at the Academy and, he returned to Edinburgh and opened a studio in York Place.

1814 - Geddes visited Paris and studied the great works of Veronese, Titian, Giorgione, Correggio, Jordaens, and Rubens that Napoleon's armies had looted from conquered territories.

1818 - In February, Geddes was among the artists chosen to make a record of the newly rediscovered Regalia of Scotland.

         - His studies for this composition was a portrait of Scott.

1821 - The Discovery of the Regalia of Scotland was finally displayed at the Royal Academy and subsequently formed the centrepiece of a collected exhibition of his work in Edinburgh in the same year.

         - Geddes transferred his studio to London and continued to attract prestigious commissions, notably a massive portrait of Frederick August, Duke of York.

1826 - He published a limited edition of portfolios of etchings.

1827 - He set out for a three-year sojourn in Italy and engaged in a lengthy study of the artists of the Venetian School.

1831 - His decision to return to London was partly prompted by the onset of consumption.

1832 - He was finally elected Associate member of the Academy.

1839 - He travelled to Holland to study Rembrandt whom he particularly admired as an etcher.

1844 - Geddes suffered a renewed attack of consumption in spring but refused all medical assistance in his effort to complete his submissions to the annual exhibition of the Royal Academy.

         - Died in his wife's arms on the 5th of May.
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