Frazer, James George, Sir

Born: Jan 01, 1854 AD
Died: 1941 AD, at 87 years of age.

Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Anthropologist

1854 - Born on the 1st of January in Glasgow, Scotland.

1890 - The first edition, in two volumes.

1907-1908 - He was four times elected to Trinity's Title Alpha Fellowship, and was associated with the college for most of his life, except for a year, spent at the University of Liverpool.

1914 - He was knighted.

         - His theories of totemism were superseded by Claude Lévi-Strauss and his vision of the annual sacrifice of the Year King has not been borne out by field studies.

1915 - The third edition was finished and ran to twelve volumes.

1922 - He also published a single volume abridgement, largely compiled by his wife Lady Frazer, with some controversial material removed from the text.

1930 - He was, if not blind, then severely visually impaired.

1936 - A supplemental thirteenth volume added.

1941 - Died on the 7th of May.
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