Forbes, Duncan

Born: Dec 10, 1685 AD
Died: 1747 AD, at 61 years of age.

Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Jurist, Politician

1685 - Born in November 10th near Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Scottish statesman whose loyalty to the Hanoverian king George II of Great Britain contributed markedly to the defeat of the Jacobite rebellion.

         - He was an erudite scholar who cultivated the study of philosophy, theology and biblical criticism and published.

1715 - Trained in law, Forbes entered local politics and aided the Hanoverian cause during the unsuccessful Jacobite rebellion.

         - Lord Duncan Forbes of Culloden had a rapid advancement as a jurist thanks to his loyalty to the Hanoverian cause at the period of the rebellion.

1722 - He became member of Parliament for Inverness.

1725 - He became a Lord Advocate.

1734 - He inherited the patrimonial estates on the death of his brother.

1737 - He was made Lord President of the Court of Session in Scotland.

1739 - He advocated the creation of Highland regiments with native chieftains and cadets of old families officering them to make a rebellion in the Highlands impossible, resulting in the formation of the famous “Forty-second” regiment of the line, the "Black Watch".

1745 - He was Lord President of the Court of Session.

1747 - Died of depression on December 10th in Edinburgh.      
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