Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator

Born: 485? AD
Died: 585 AD.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Politician

485 AD - Born at Scyllaceum (Squillace) in southern Italy. Roman historian, statesman, and monk who helped to save the culture of Rome at a time of impending barbarism.


           - He was secretary to the Ostrogothic king, Theodoric, quaestor and praetorian prefect.


507 AD - He was a quaestor.


514 AD - He became the sole consul.


526 AD - He became chief minister to Queen Amalasontha.


           - His Institutiones is an encyclopedic course of study for the monks of the Vivarium, which he founded and to which he retired.


585 AD - Died in Vivarium Monastery, near Scylletium.

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