Cook, Quentin Leo

Born: Jul 31, 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 52 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Singer

1963 - Born on the 31st of July in London, England. FatBoy Slim, the master of fu-fighting of music, original name Quentin ‘Norman’ Cook, but grew up and inspired in Redhill (England).

1986 - A member of British pop group the "Housemartins".

         - Married his first wife, Philippa Watson.
         - Their album "London 0 Hull 4" was also top ranked.

1989 - Their first success was with the single "Dub Be Good to Me". "Let Them Eat Bingo", Beats International first album, was dub filled sound fest.

1991 - The second album, "Excursion on the Version", was released.

         - FatBoy Slim left the music stage for about two years, taking power for his great return.

1993 - He formed "FreakPower" with brass player and vocalist Ashley Slater (from Microgroove, UK).

1994 - FreakPower`s first album, "Drive Thru Booty", was released.

1996 - His band`s second album came out "More Of
Everything…For everybody". Two singles were top-ranked in the charts, but the company, which holds FreakPower, stopped their activities.

1998 - He released "You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby". This was the #1 album at the dance stage with such absolutely smashing hits like "The Rockafeller Skank", "Right Here, Right Now", "Praise You".

1999-2000 - His video for the single "Praise You" won many MTV awards, notably for director Spike Jonze.

         - He received an award for Best Dance Act from the Brits and four MTV Video Award nominations for his video "Praise You".

         - Married Zoë Ball on August 20th and they had 1 child.

2005 - Fatboy Slim performed live in front of a tremendous crowd on Bondi Beach in Australia.

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