Edward III

Born: Nov 13, 1312 AD
Died: 1377 AD, at 64 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: King, Monarch

1312 - Edward III, born on the 13th of November in Windsor, S England, UK, the elder son of Edward II and Isabella of France.

1327 - Reigned as King of England.

1328 - He married Philippa of Hainault, and their eldest child Edward, later called the Black Prince, was born.

1330 - He assumed full control of the government, and began to restore the monarchy's authority and prestige.

1333 - 1341 - He supported the attempts of Edward Balliol to wrest the Scots throne from David II, and his victory at Halidon Hill forced David to seek refuge in France.

1337 - After Philip VI had declared Guyenne forfeit, he revived his hereditary claim to the French crown through Isabella, the daughter of Philip IV, thus beginning the Hundred Years' War.

1340 - Renowned for his valour and military skill, he destroyed the French navy at the Battle of Sluys.

1346 - Won another major victory at Crécy. David II was captured two months later at the Battle of Neville's Cross, near Durham, and remained a prisoner until 1357.

1377 - Died on the 21st of June Sheen Palace, Surrey, England due to stroke. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, London, England.
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